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Buhari Gimba

Staff Writer & Business Analyst | An experienced, disciplined, and highly-motivated Business Analyst who has worked on a wide range of projects within the Public and Private Sectors. An accomplished and fluent communicator with strong investigation, problem-solving and decision-making skills, combined with a pragmatic approach and sound business acumen. A highly accomplished individual with a verifiable track record

Richard Bransons Opinon On Brexit Affecting His Business

Richard Branson the founder of Virgin spoke on British television that his business has lost about 33% of its value after the British people voted for Brexit, he also called for a 2nd referendum. Richard Branson


Is Gold A Good Investment With Brexit Looming?

The price of Gold in the last 3 years has been in a decline, this could change if the United Kingdom vote in favour of Brexit, which according to polls looks increasingly likely to happen. Over the years during economic stress gold has been a safe haven for investors, and the price could rise if the nation

Brazil Recession

Is Brazil In Its Worst Recession?

Brazil the country that is hosting the 2016 summer Olympics, It will be hosted in the city of Rio De …


Where Costco Lies Among Its Competitors

Costco Wholesale Corp. a company that sells diverse products which has a steady growth in earnings from sales since 2011. …


The Smartphone That Bends All The Way

Moxi Group whose official corporate name is called Chongqine Graphene Tech Co. is a little known company says its about …



On Wednesday, the Singapore Ministry of Trade (MTI) said that its economy grew in the first quarter Q1. The growth …

Image Source: Snapchat

What Is Snapchat Valued At?

According to VC Experts, snapchat could soon be valued at $20 Billion. On May 13, snapchat authorised new shares of …