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Entrepreneurial Possibilities Beyond Formal Guidance

Real Deliverables Comes From The Person, Not The Paper

Image From newmexicopbs
Image From newmexicopbs

The foundation of every state is the education and guidance of its youth. Education best defined by Robert Frost “is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or self-confidence. 

Confidence is key in building great business minds.  As much as formal education is important, so is informal education equally as important in all business endeavours and professional engagements. Education is life itself, not a mere preparation for living or success.

Among the formally educated successful Individuals, there are still a large growing number of highly successful leaders and business personnel who were either school dropouts or couldn’t afford to pay for a decent formal education but still excelled against all odds due to their in-depth knowledge of their God giving talents. Education is essential but knowledge is power. As one of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin said” An investment in knowledge pays the best interest “.

ImageThrough knowledgeable reflection, the likes of great business minds such as Africa’s own Baba Dantata and Indimi, who both had no formal education but  where still able to rise to incredible heights and now their influence has touched the lives of millions and still currently expanding.

Another significant example is the life of Nike Davies Okundaye whose story is a phenomenal one. Nike Davies Okundaye also known as Mummy Nike is a highly successful  business minded lady without any formal education yet lectures at Harvard  and other top Universities.  She’s an international genius in simplistic dyeing, painting and embroidery, traditional methods of weaving and a lot more along those lines.

Her first lecturing exploits had her lecture some formally educated minds with doctoral degrees on the arts. Not many people appear to know about Nike Davies Okundaye in her homeland Nigeria, Africa, but in wider places such as Europe and America, her creative entrepreneurial abilities are cherished by presidents and kings alike. Nike Davies Okundaye empowers through art, all  individuals looking to achieve full  access to their innate potentials. She is an absolute role model to every entrepreneurial start-up in her homeland throughout Africa and to a global audience.

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education” Albert Einstein.  A simple synonym that best describes the word ‘curious’ is ‘interest’. An individual’s interest and dreams are never random

As much as a formal education plays a key role in societal development, every individual with entrepreneurial desires has a primary responsibility to make manifest that inescapable interest, unique dream that is key to one’s existence.  For what is education or any form of achievement without encouragement?

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