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Richard Bransons Opinon On Brexit Affecting His Business

Richard Branson the founder of Virgin spoke on British television that his business has lost about 33% of its value after the British people voted for Brexit, he also called for a 2nd referendum. Richard Branson

MTN Nigeria behind Yellow Crime Lines

 MTN Group is Africa’s leading cellular telecommunications company has been sized down by the financial arm of regulators. Its branch …

Brain Bookmark

The Business Of Brain Bookmark

In recent times, I have faced the most difficult task I have experienced in a long time. It’s simple in …

How To Choose A Business To Start

I was unpacking my box last week, and with some excitement, I picked up a top I bought and tried …


Bad Move, Getting Rid Of The Middle Man

Middlemen take responsibility of connecting resources and the task to be delivered together. They know what people want to do …

World Economy

World Economy In Slow Motion

Global growth declined in the first half of 2015, reflecting a further slowdown in emerging markets and a weaker recovery in …