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Amazing Secrets Of Successful Organizations

These Organizations Grow Leaders By Encouraging Their Staff To Generate Ideas, Participate In Corporate Responsibility, Leadership Trainings And Teamwork

Marcus Aurelius
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“The Secret Of All Victory Lies In The Organizations Of The Non-Obvious”

Marcus Aurelius

Every organization is made up of human and material resources. The perfect combination of both is what brings the results that we call success. Success means many things to different organizations. Business organizations see success as profit making. To such organizations, winning means making profit but I think success means more than that.

I choose to view organizational success from the perspective of both making profit and the development of the human resources within the organization. Many business organizations today have lost sight of this important obligation. Many of them are even ready to sacrifice the welfare, respect and personal happiness of their workers in the name of stretching them to produce their best. This is evident more in the banking sector, where banks allocate outrageous targets to their marketers and leave them with no choice but to meet up by all means.

This anomaly may have worked for many organizations and have put them on top of the revenue log, but the culture is not sustainable. So in this article, our basis for measuring the success of an organization should not just be the size of their net worth or their international spread but to what extent they obeyed this obligation and the rest principles that are fair to all within the organization.


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An organization that compromises the development and welfare of its workers to remain profitable should not be considered successful.   Let’s look at these secrets and see how we can apply them in our own small businesses.

They Promote Leadership At All Levels

Everything in life begins and ends with leadership, whether on the personal level or organizational level. A report from Mckinsey Global Institute on the impact of leadership in bringing results in an organization suggest that organizations that pay particular attention in raising leaders in every department of the organization produce more success and fulfillment. John Maxwell, one of the greatest authorities in leadership wrote that, organizations that develop leaders experience explosive growth. Because for every leader that develops in a department, the organization will receive the value of all the people that the leader influences within the organization. This is called the law of explosive growth. These organizations grow leaders by encouraging the staff to generate ideas, participate in corporate responsibility, leadership trainings, teamwork, etc.


Clear Vision

Organizations that make real success are usually those that were built upon clear vision which are shared by all who work within the organization. Most of them go to the length of attaching their vision and goals to the IDs of their staffs and putting up their vision/mission statements in strategic corners of their building. When the vision is clear, everyone within the organization acts right within their chains of operation. The vision is the light that shows the way.


Open Communication

Successful organizations develop effective channels of communication within every department in the organization. It is communication that keeps the organization moving. Mckinsey Global Institute report on the factors that help businesses to succeed revealed that 79% of all businesses surveyed were successful because “the organization was energized through ongoing communication within the various lines of command in the organization. Also the right information was available for managers at the right time to monitor progress and troubleshoot where required”.


They Have A Succession Plan

This has been an old practice for many business organizations in the western world. They pay particular attention to raising and mentoring young leaders who would run the organization in the future. They go to the extent of hiring headhunters whose duty is to identify undergraduates who possess the qualities they require. When they finally recruit them, the young leaders are exposed to every line/department within the organization as part of the leadership training. These organizations understand the value of quality manpower and that is why they work hard to keep their best men and groom them to lead.

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