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How To Choose A Business To Start

I was unpacking my box last week, and with some excitement, I picked up a top I bought and tried it on.

To my utmost surprise…the top could not pass through my head.

Ah Ah! I wondered why.

I removed it and checked the size.

You won’t believe what I saw.

Size 2!!!

The top was size 2!

I just screamed.

I had to scream to make myself feel better…because that top was the last thing I bought. I used the last money in my wallet to buy that stupid top.

I could not test it because I was in a hurry…I just liked the colour, the style, and in my head I was already imagining all the ways I could wear it.

As I was looking at it…I did not even know whether I should be angry at the top or angry at myself.

I kept wondering how it happened, and I’m not sure of what is paining me more.

The fact that the top is not my size or the fact that there was something else I wanted to buy, but I picked this stupid top instead…and now! It’s not my size.

As much as I’m angry with the top, and I’ve been calling it “stupid top” to release my anger, one side of my mind still remembers that there is really nothing wrong with that top…it is the perfect size for someone else.

There is also nothing wrong with me, I’m not too fat or too thin.

We only have a problem when I try to wear that top because the two of us were not created for each other.

This same concept applies in business.

There are so many business ideas out there but not all businesses are for you because you were not created to do that business.

God gives us certain gifts, strengths, talents, experiences, backgrounds, relationships, etc to help us succeed in a particular business. If you however ignore the business that you were created to start and pick just any business because it seems like it’s the reigning business or the easiest business for you to start…the same thing that happened between me and my size 2 top will happen to you.

I decided to talk about this extensively in my mini course this month because people don’t talk about this topic. There is this short list of business ideas that people consider when they want to start a business. You know what I’m talking about. You know what these businesses are. Lol

For some people, it’s a perfect match. For others…it’s a long story.

That’s why you will look at two people in the same business. One is doing so well, coming up with new ideas all the time, growing quickly, favour everywhere, it seems as if the person has everything figured out.

The other person is just stuck. She does not even know what to do again because she has tried everything and she has not seen a significant result and she wonders why. She looks at the other person doing the same business and wonders why things are not happening for her.

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with her…chances are, she’s in the wrong business.

This is Part A of the story.

Next, let’s assume that you are in the right business for you, you can still get frustrated if your execution plan is not right.

You know…you think that you can just do X and do Y, but then you try it and you discover that it’s not working out.

There are some simple tests you can run to test your ideas before you spend so much money or borrow money to fund an execution plan that will not work.

I’ll be sharing these tips with you in the August Mini-Course, “What Business Should I Start?”

If you are asking yourself this question…this is a great opportunity to find the answer.

If you have already started a business and you are having some challenges here and there…this is a great opportunity to review your business idea and your execution plan. You will find things that you can tweak or you might just even discover that there is something else you should be doing. I know this sounds scary but trust me when I say this…no matter how high you climb, if you are climbing the wrong ladder, you still have to come down someday. The earlier the better. *BigHug*

In case you are still wondering whether you should take the course or not, let me ask you one question.

“Who succeeds when you start the right business, and when you execute the business idea the right way without wasting so much money?”

That’s right. It’s you.

This course expires on the 31st of August, which means that even if you pay for it on the 31st of August, you have to watch it that day, because on the 1st of September…it’s gone.

If you want to take it, this is the best time to take it.

To find out more details about how you can take the course now, please click here to read all the information you need.


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