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So What’s So Special About A Name, That We Can’t Pick Of The Many Phrases Or Abstract Words That Exist

In recent times, I have faced the most difficult task I have experienced in a long time. It’s simple in nature but problematic in its quest for a standard solution. All I had to do was to provide a name for a concept.  Everything from the business plan, marketing plan, social media, interactive architecture, break-even point, technical input and design all done except the name of the project.


Brain Bookmark

Spent forty-eight hours searching and cross-checking with the team, what is the ideal and acceptable name to fly (approved) for us all. The team agreed on a bunch of criteria to use and suddenly our set of criteria’s turns out to be a trapped in a closet moment. Yes! Trapped because we can’t tell anyone the biggest secret about our inquests is there is no name for the project.

So what’s so special about a name, that we can’t pick of the many phrases or abstract words that exist.

Let me go back to the trapping criteria we set.

  1. The name must be day to day words people use

Imagine using ‘verdemustfly.co.uk; wardpitch.co.au; smittenfly.com.ng’ (all examples likely unregistered and been used in a fictional example here). Verdemustfly.co.uk – nothing wrong with the name of the website here except nobody likely knows what it does until you visit the site to see what it’s about.

  1. The name must be a familiar name

A familiar name would be a type of name your Google can complete when a user enters half the name. A mighty good example would be if you enter the word ‘face’ into Google, it auto-suggest would presume you mean to go to ‘facebook’. Two things combine for the response ‘facebook’: a familiar name and artificial intelligence matches face with the most likely used word on the internet.

  1. The brain bookmark

A bookmark is all about knowing where you stopped in your book and taking off when next you ready to read again. Surfing the internet, a similar feature is available on all browsers marking some of the favorite places you have been without cramming the web address as you stage a comeback.

‘they have seen it, heard it, talk about and use it’

The brain uses a similar feature to remember places you have visited from your wife’s family, kid’s school and more; it makes the adjustment in programming information from cramming location to a known location.

Imagine the experience of web surfers, business clients, prospective clients and competitors coming to terms with the familiarity of your business name growing towards popularity.

The process grows from an easy to remember name to a familiar name to a popular name to a viral name and then a definitive name. A definitive name defines a sector like a search engine: Google; social media: twitter, facebook; song: Adele-Hello; digital business journal: ceobusinessjournal.com.

The familiar name and brain bookmark combines the assets of a word of mouth advertising, people talk about your impact and why others should use it

The name must be day to day words people use

The prime of advertising is when people confirm ‘they have seen it, heard it, talk about and use it’.

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