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The Real Cost Being Late

I’m in a sober mood today. I want to talk about the dangers of being late. Now…this is not about when you arrive at a venue late…I’m talking about what happens when you realise something late.
I have 3 different scenarios to share with you.

The first one started when with a casual conversation with my dad. He was telling me about how the new policy that all government funds should be domiciled in CBN, was going to affect his business and we were discussing ways to mitigate the risks.
And you know what struck me as we were gisting. People don’t do this. They only realise it when it is already too late.
He told me of a guy who used to sell Walkie Talkie, and had a warehouse full of them. He used to sell them to individuals at the time when people did not have GSM phones.

He continued selling the phones and did not realise how the new policy that deregulated the telecom sector would affect him, hence he did not make hay while the sun shines.

As we speak, those walkie talkies are still with the guy. The man wanted to lose his mind, he has not recovered from that business yet.
Anyone should feel bad for him, I would think.

Now there is this thing I learnt in business school, we took this course called Macroeconomics of Business Environment, where they taught us how to predict the times, and be prepared for changes in the market space.

This one that dollar is high now, some people knew that this was going to happen and they had converted all their money to dollars a long time now. They have financial analysts, who do the research, study trends, and then they advise their clients.
One time, I was privileged to be in a CEO breakfast meeting at Oriental Hotel, and these financial analysts were telling the CEOs about how the market was going to change. They were talking about how a flood in one country was going to affect the price of rice in the market, and how that was going to affect inflation in Nigeria, and what the CEOs should do.

Many small business owners can’t afford these kind of services, they don’t even see the need. They only grapple with the effect. When the change has already happened. That’s when the change has already happened, dollar has skyrocketed and you are suddenly crying about the rates.
You are late.

The most painful part is that…this could have been avoided.
Like the good book says, “my people perish for lack of knowledge”
That’s it oh, Lack of knowledge.
The second scenario on my mind today is on Love.
My friend Tolagbe, sent me a link and asked me to read the write up.
“Dear Nigerian Men, The World is Bigger than you”
Catchy title, Scary title…what is the writer thinking?

By the time I finished reading it, I wanted to just cry.
My soul was weeping…because I know people in that situation. It’s so unfortunate because once again, so many women realize late that the men they marry are not going to support their career ambitions. They don’t even see why they should be bothering themselves in the first place.
After you get married…that’s it oh.

Especially if you live in this part of the world, where divorce is not really encouraged.
In a way…She is late…she just realized it after she said “I do”
Now she has to deal with the consequences, and most times, these women don’t know what to do. Once again…there’s a knowledge gap.
My friend and I decided to do something about this.
We want to discuss the way forward.



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