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The Power of Influence and the Influence of Power

How do you separate power from Influence or influence from power? Much dialogue about their origin and identity may serve to set the scope straight. It’s the exact question that produces a roaming answer from young people in Ghana at the ongoing Young African Leaders Initiatives.

According to Dr. Betty Nanor, ‘Power’ is the function of a leader, the follower and a situation; there lies a relationship between the 3 as none function independently.

Influence is best regarded as rather definitive with the bulk of the cohort pointing out that the influence is a unique characteristic of a leader where his/her point of view is duty accepted and acted upon.

|strategic gains of running a business is the profit and power eruption

Followers can exert power through civil disobedience, voting them out, regulation such that it can affect the overall operation and a whole lot more but as it concerns influence, it’s only the possession of a leader as such anyone who is able to influence other people’s decision can only be termed a leader

‘Power is not what I want, it is what I need’ a line from the famous political drama series House of Cards can condition anyone to understand one of the strategic gains of running a business is the profit and power eruption.



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