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Imagination Is The Creative Power In Every Man

The Concept Of Disneyland Began One Sunday When Walt Disney Was Visiting Graffiti Park With His Daughters. He Imagined Another Kingdom On Earth Where Both Adults And Children Could Enjoy

Albert Einstein
Image Source: firinet | Albert Einstein

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there will be to know or understand”.

Albert Einstein

Imagination according to Ramez Sasson, the founder of Success Consciousness “is the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through the five senses. It is the ability of the mind to build mental scenes, objects or events that do not exist, are not present or have happened in the past”. It is the infinite power of man to travel to worlds where his body may not ordinarily arrive at. It is the pot inside which we mould the world, our dreams, our obstacles and our liberations. Imagination is the force that has taken the world this far.

The mind of man is the center of his being. Pablo Picasso, the great Italian Painter wrote that, “Everything you can imagine is real”. Everything that a man is and all that he will and can ever be are all buried within the bosom of his mind.

The creator called man a god, in other words, he is a creator of things. His power to create is carefully embedded in the power of his mind to travel to worlds unknown and unravel truths hidden away for ages. Every image that comes to the mind is no accident. It is a potential creature seeking to be born and whatever the mind of a man can conceive he can create because the mind in the center for unlimited possibilities.

Imagination Einstein
Image Source: julettemillien

Human beings often seek the solution to their problems and illnesses in places where they can never be found. The power for healing and the power to be sick have been released to man. The power to build a resistance against every opposition to our wills is contained in our imagination. If an individual sees in his mind that he is healthy, successful, rich, etc, the universe will conform to his will. The reason is that the mind is the remote control for the universe, it shapes the universe. Nothing will ever be impossible for a mind that knows its power.

Every great thing that our eyes have seen today, were products of imagination. The scientific discoveries, works of art, technological advancements, businesses and their products, etc., all existed at the realm of imagination before they were created. The world has gotten this far because some individual gave birth to their imaginations. We have become witnesses to unbelievable creations of man.

The first attempt of man to demonstrate this unlimited power of imagination and creativity was recorded in the book of Genesis-the Tower of Babel. Men imagined building a tower that pierced the clouds to discover where God lived. That was man’s first attempt at erecting a high-rise building. And God said, “…and whatever they put their minds to they will create”.

Just reading David Hume’s 1736 book titled, A Treatise of Human Nature, which held that “Time did not exist separately from the movement of objects”, Albert Einstein began to form imaginations about the relationship between time, space and objects in space. His imaginations would in 1915 give birth to the Theory of Relativity. The Theories of Relativity have made it possible today for space travels, satellite launches in space and communication.

Disney World
Image Source: babiestravellite

The history of business I think is essentially the history of innovation powered by imagination. Disneyland is an excellent example.  The concept of Disneyland began one Sunday when Walt Disney was visiting Graffiti Park with his daughters. He imagined another kingdom on earth where both adults and children could enjoy. Today the Disneyland stands as a wonder created by human hands.

The designer of the 2008 Olympic Stadium in Beijin imagined a stadium that looks like a bird’s nest. That stadium stands as a testimony to the godly nature of man. In Dubai, man has altered nature by building the world’s finest islands on the heart of the ocean. The Dubai palm islands were conceived when man imagined islands in the shape of palm on the ocean. These and more are the stories of man’s unlimited power to imagine and to create. The world is sustained by the creativity of men and women who never let their imaginations die.

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