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How can I get permission to link to CEO BUSINESS JOURNAL?

Answer: You may add headlines from CEO BUSINESS JOURNAL to your Web site for free with our headline feeds (http://ceobusinessjournal.com/search/rssfeed.htm). These feeds are available for use by any Web site provided that no content is published full-text altered in any way. We also require that this content be clearly attributed to CEO BUSINESS JOURNAL.


How can I place an advertisement on the CEO BUSINESS JOURNAL web site?

Answer: Please see our Advertising Contacts or find more online information in our Media Kit.


I’ve forgotten my user name or password. How can I get that information?

Answer: If you have signed up to receive CEO BUSINESS JOURNAL newsletters, you can update by clicking on the forgotten user name or password link on the log-in page by entering your email address (also your log-in name). Password reset information will then be sent to your email address and you can follow the instructions in that email to update your password.


How can I sign up for a newsletter?

Answer: If you have not previously signed up to receive a CEO BUSINESS JOURNAL newsletter, you will need to register as a newsletter subscriber. During that process you will be asked which newsletters you would like to subscribe to. If you are already a newsletter subscriber, go to the newsletter page, enter your email address and click the button that
says “Continue”


How do I opt-out?

Answer: If you would like to be removed from one or more of our mailing lists, please click here to go to the CEO BUSINESS JOURNAL form and make your selections.


Content on the website, what is you policy on reader comments?

Answer: CEO BUSINESS JOURNAL welcomes and encourages readers to comment on our content and engage in substantive, mutually respectful exchanges over business topics.


I have this business name that I love so much, and I want to start a business under that name. Can I proceed immediately?

Answer: No. I think the next thing after you must have done a feasibility study on the business itself is to get the business name registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).


What difference exists between a business name and incorporation of company or trustee?

Answer: To start a business, you need to decide on a business name. You also need to choose a business format under which to operate. You need to know the requirements relating to membership of the company, ownership, etc. to enable you make decisions you will remain happy with. The routine processes of registration can then be carried out on your behalf by an accredited professional.
How can I get a sample business plan?

Answer: At CEO BUSINESS JOURNAL we provide an excellent set of ideas on starting your own business, which includes a link to sample business plans. Our services offer an online subject index to sample business plans for specific types of businesses. We can also refer you some books that will help you in setting up your business.