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Richard Bransons Opinon On Brexit Affecting His Business

Richard Branson the founder of Virgin spoke on British television that his business has lost about 33% of its value after the British people voted for Brexit, he also called for a 2nd referendum. Richard Branson
Reduced Sale

Gloomy Economic Outlook Present Smart Investment Opportunities

You might have heard the story of two English salesmen who were sent to pre colonial Africa to explore opportunities of shipping shoes to the continent. The first salesman came, did his survey and sent a

Lessons From The Rise And Fall Of Nokia

The name Nokia gives most of us that nostalgic feeling of ‘the good old days’. A once dominant name in …
Marcus Aurelius

Amazing Secrets Of Successful Organizations

“The Secret Of All Victory Lies In The Organizations Of The Non-Obvious” Marcus Aurelius Every organization is made up of …

Where Costco Lies Among Its Competitors

Image From Marketingland

Amazon A Financial Fire Power

What to Consider In Making A Business Plan

Marissa Mayer-Yahoo CEO

Yahoo CEO Merissa Mayer Could Get $55 Million If Company Is Sold

SAN FRANCISCO: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will walk away with a $55 million severance package if the company’s auction of …

Dangote Plans Cement Plant In Zimbabwe

  Security officials wait outside a building after Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan unveiled a plaque during a commissioning ceremony at …

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