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5 Billion Internet Users in 2020 – Google

The number of people using the internet will hit 5 billion in 2020. This was revealed by Matt Brittin, the head of Google Europe on Thursday.

During the launch of the company’s fifth campus for IT startups in Warsaw, Poland, the Google boss said, “The connected population is going to double in five years. 5 billion online.  Everyone with the entire Internet in their pockets. That’s a huge opportunity,” he said, adding that “this is a transformational period.”

Very optimistic about the fortunes the future holds for internet businesses, Brittin urged tech entrepreneurs to tap into the huge opportunities this fast expanding market holds.

He continued, “5 years from now we’ll go from a minority to a majority of the people on the planet being connected. That’s why the moment is now for start-ups to look up and out and think about that market of five billion people that you can connect within the next five years.”

“5 years from now we’ll go from a minority to a majority of the people on the planet being connected.

The US company opened its first start-up campus in London in 2012, which has created 1,800 jobs so far according to Google. It then opened its 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in Tel Aviv, Seoul, Madrid, and its 5th in Warsaw.

“Today we see millions of companies who are growing and exporting by accessing tools, talent, technology, sales and distribution around the world. We call them the ‘micro-multinationals’. Every start-up can be global from its birth.”

Google, originally a search engine, is interested in helping businesses, especially techie businesses grow. Google supports a project called Geeks Without Frontiers, a nonprofit group that donates computers and related technology to poor areas around the world. Focusing largely on Mexico, Central America and Africa, the decade-old group now aims to bring wireless access to regions with no traditional Web access. The IT giant’s 6th campus for IT startups is set to be open in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the first half of 2016.


Author: Joel Pereyi is an award-winning essayist and writer. He has a background in oil and gas with several published energy-related articles in local and international publications to his credit. He frequently writes on energy, the economy, Africa, and politics. He is also a syndicated essayist for a handful publications in Nigeria.

Edited by Femi D Amele

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