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Take Care Of Your Team And They In Turn Will Take That Same Type Of Great Care Of The Company And Its Clientele

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As leaders of organisations, our most valuable assets are our employees and not our customers. Our employees wellbeing must be well looked after so that they can have the inspiration required to take care of our clientele. But yet, so many times as leaders, we pay more than enough attention to our needs and desires that we so often forget the individuals whose work ethic is essential to our organisations growth and profitability due to our focus largely only on getting numbers.
Sometimes, out of good intentions, or even our own stress and anxiety as leaders, we can become controlling or coercive, which in turn affects our employees negatively by robbing them of their freedoms that they need for their individual growth and success.
All employees have some very basic needs which, if given to them in the correct manner with the right level of balance, it would help them develop the resiliency and skills necessary for their motivation and success.
Being the Leader of a group can be a very challenging task to take on because as leaders, we tend to have an idea of what we think is best for our Organisation and our employees causing us to put unnecessary pressure on them. However, our employees need our patience and not our pressure. If we pressurise our employees, we end up killing their motivation. We do not want to be leaders of a team who only feel valued if they are performing perfectly.


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Our employees are going to go through the same hell in work and life just like anyone else. Talk to your employees; offer them your ear and coaching. Leaders should avoid shutting out their employees.
Our role as leaders is to provide relevant information and the required feedback to our employees which are essential to the building of our employee’s character. When we criticize and yell at them, we hinder our team’s growth process. This can cause employees to shrink and underperform and even develop negative feelings about themselves and even the leaders they work for.


Each employee is different and unique in their own way and each has needs that are slightly different from others and even us as their leaders. Employees can never be like their employer, there job is not to be as. Good as their colleagues or the employees of our competitors. When we compare our employees, we are indirectly telling them they are not good enough. This can easily make them feel a lack of their own personal significance. Comparison should only be used as an example of how far our team has come from where they used to be. Compassion is the key, not comparison.
We are a working society and we all have obligations, but as leaders, our team must be a priority to us. When our employees know their importance, there is a natural tendency for them to be motivated to make their work and the entire organisation profitable. Key to business success is to Take care of your team and they in turn will take that same type of great care of the company and clientele.


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