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The Smartphone That Bends All The Way

Moxi Group Hopes To Sell Its Black And White Phones For Around 5,000 Yuan Each Which Is Equivalent To US $760

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Moxi Group whose official corporate name is called Chongqine Graphene Tech Co. is a little known company says its about to bring out a smartphone that can bend all the way round ( wobbly screens). The phone also has the ability to stretch flat as well. This smartphone uses graphene which is what is responsible for its flexible screen. Graphene is a material that is very light in weight, flexible and transparent. It is the thinnest material on earth.

According to Moxi Group, a prototype of the phone has already been produced and plans to manufacture about 100,000 of the phones before the end of the year.

Moxi Group has pulled off a very impressive innovation, a technology that no other phone company has done. The challenge with the bendable smartphone is that the phones that will be released will have black and white displays. According to researcher at Manchester University Aravind Vijayaraghavan “If they’re going to release it commercially this year I’d be thoroughly impressed. If you have a low resolution back and white screen that is not terribly reliable, then that’s not a commercial prospect” Sourced from Bloomberg. The colour version has been very challenging but hopes to be able to provide a full colour version by 2018.

Moxi Group hopes to sell its black and white phones for around 5,000 yuan each which is equivalent to US $760.  This technology by Moxi Group comes right on time when sales of smartphone in the market have started to decelerate. Smartphone sales fell for the first time in three months. This technology can lead to a boost in sales.

Moxi, pronounced as “Mou-she” means graphene in Chinese is located in Chongqine in China which specialises in graphene. Moxi also released some regular smartphone using graphene. Competitors such as LG and Samsung are exploring the technology of flexible screens also using graphene. LG have already produced smartphones that bend a bit but does not go all the way round like the phones Moxi has produced. Samsung has produced smartphones which the screens wrap round the device from the front to the sides.




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