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Collaboration Or Competition, Which Pays Off Better?

Not Only Does Cooperation Create A More Flexible Style Of Leadership, It Also Allows Everyone To Participate Actively Without Fear Of Criticism Or Censure Ship

Skydivers Showing The Power Of Cooperation

Many big businesses continue to encourage competition, turning a blind eye to the great power of cooperation.  There has been vast research that brings to light how competition has been costing billions of dollars in sales and drastic decreases in professional and personal achievement.  Too much competition goes as far as literally affecting ones health negatively yet for some reason; people generally continue to hold a strong belief that competition not cooperation is the first-class ticket to success.


“No employer today is independent of those about him. He cannot succeed alone, no matter how great his ability or capital. Business today is more than ever a question of cooperation.” Orison Swett Marden.


Competition, when utilised efficiently, gives us a competitive edge over any rivalry in the business world.  Cooperation, on the other hand, surely brings out the best in any organisation or individual. Individuals who consider themselves cooperative tend to experience more work benefits than their competitive colleagues.

Cooperative business people have higher salaries in general and cooperation increases creative abilities. People tend to learn best when they work cooperatively with each other.  Employees who experience cooperative learning at early stages of their career usually carry it along with them as they progress. We all feel good about ourselves when we cooperate; we get a boost in self-esteem, gain a better sense of community, and overall acceptance.
Not only does cooperation create a more flexible style of leadership, it also allows everyone to participate actively without fear of criticism or censure ship.  Cooperation also has an impact on an individual’s perception of their working environment.

Cooperation against competition plays a major role on our overall health. The more cooperative individuals are, the more they become psychologically and physically healthier than their more competitive colleagues.


Competition is a constant feeling that you have to work against everything; such work attitude has unhealthy physical side effects.  Cooperation, and other unselfish behaviours, tends to have positive side effects on our health.

Additionally, individuals who develop a cooperative frame of mind tend to feel more in control of their lives and do not need any approval from others.  They tend to feel good.  This is the direct opposite to the constant intensity of the competitive individual.

As with everything, too much of a good thing can be a problem.  The aim is to get a balance where one knows exactly when a competitive attitude can be used to achieve great productivity and when it is most suitable to apply cooperation skills.



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