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Mohammadu Buhari

Growth Oriented Economic Restructuring For Nigeria

There is a convergence of opinion that the Nigerian economy is in urgent need of structural reworking. I hesitate to use the term “structural reforms”, knowing fully well, that the term “reform” has been a constant and often abused part of Nigerian economic lexicon since 1986. There is therefore understandable fatigue about the word “reform” within the Nigeria context

Rwanda Map

Rwanda Is Rising From Its Past

Whenever Rwanda is mentioned, not many people would remember the country for any other thing except its civil war and …

Leadership! What’s It About?

“Periods when there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change …


Beyond Africa’s Poverty

Growing up in a typical Nigerian village, was an amazing opportunity for us to see Africa’s nakedness, her defeat, her …

Zimbabwean Dollar

Where Will Zimbabwe Go From Here?

In 2009 Zimbabwe accepted 9 currencies to do transactions such as the Australian Dollar, British Pounds, Botswana Pula, Chinese Yuan, …