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Focus On Nigeria – The Next Frontier Economy ICES 2016

Analysing Nigeria’s Economy Towards The International CEOs’ Economic Summit | ICES September 15th & 16th 2016. Nigeria’s has a population of over 170 million people and is projected to be among the top 25 economies in the world by the year 2030. The population, growing at 2.83 percent per annum is the third fastest growing population in the world, behind India

Mohammadu Buhari

Growth Oriented Economic Restructuring For Nigeria

There is a convergence of opinion that the Nigerian economy is in urgent need of structural reworking. I hesitate to use the term “structural reforms”, knowing fully well, that the term “reform” has been a constant and often abused part of Nigerian economic lexicon since 1986. There is therefore understandable fatigue about the word “reform” within the Nigeria context

Solving Nigeria’s Budget Paralysis: Urgently Required, A Quantitative Easing Program

It is evidently clear that the current paralysis in the implementation of the 2016 budget is due to the inability to cash back the growth stimuli that were embedded in the budget. This is partly due to a false though unfortunate mindset, that somehow, you can save and starve your way out of a recession. The mindset above, constantly reminds me of a joke one of our IMF

Joseph Stiglitz

GDP Is A Liar

   “GDP is not a good measure of economic performance, it’s not a good measure of wellbeing”.                                              Joseph Stiglitz, …

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Real Estate, The Nigerian Goldmine

What could be more priceless in a country of about 170 million people than shelter? What could be more appealing …