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Ways To Exploit The Benefits In Social Media To Grow Businesses

“I Am An Entrepreneur. I Love To Meet People And My Goal Is To Meet Up To One Thousand Of My Facebook Friends. It’s A Way Of Correcting The Impression That Social Media Is Not A Place To Meet Real Friends

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The social media is one of the best opportunities of the Information Technology age that we would always be grateful for. Prior to its advent, people communicated via letters that took days, weeks and months before they could be delivered, depending on their destination. People also used the telephone to communicate but for people who lived in the emerging economies, the call time was beyond the reach of the ordinary people. In other words, the telephone was the exclusive luxury of the rich few.


Those who needed to communicate with a larger number of people found it difficult to organize them. Meeting former colleagues, classmates and new friends was almost impossible except by chance. But the social media changed it all. Today, more than one billion people are on Facebook alone. The social media has made it possible for people of the same career, faith, trade and alliances to organize themselves, share information and relate with one another. New friends are also made.


I often hear people say that there are real friends and there are social media friends. To them, the social media is just but a place they go to spend some time and chat with unreal people. So they do not actually believe there are better benefits that could be derived from the social media except hooking up with ‘real friends’ and family and then spending idle times with the ‘unreal’ social media friends.


Many companies and businesses also have account on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But only a few of them maintain real presence on the social media. It is time wasting, they often say. But there are huge opportunities in the social media for small and big businesses alike. Businesses can create real followers and sell their products on the social media. It is also cheap to build publicity for products as the social media offers ample opportunities for one to reach more than 5,000 persons and even more in a day. But there are ways of doing this so as to actually reap the benefits.

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The Purpose Of The Social Media Is To Connect People  

Entrepreneurs and businesses should begin to see the social media as a world in a digital form. It is real. Its very essence is to connect us with friends, family and strangers with whom we can become perfect friends.  Hence, we should have it as a goal to create friendships that go beyond mere online chatting, Friendships that would impact one’s life and business.


Show Real Interest In Those Strangers

I recently met a student who has met 50 of his Facebook friends in person. According to Mike, he fixed the meetings and they either met to have lunch or met in a library. When I asked him why he chose to do that, this was his reply.


“I am an entrepreneur. I love to meet people and my goal is to meet up to one thousand of my Facebook friends. It’s a way of correcting the impression that social media is not a place to meet real friends. Also, I am an AIMGLOBAL distributor; I have sold more products through Facebook than I have done one-on-one. So the social media is effective”. On how he creates online relationships before actually meeting them, he had this to say.


“When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is to go online and like all updates, pictures, comments and send birthday wishes. People get to notice how you care about them online by how often you like or comment on their updates and pictures. By the time you do that three or four times, they would notice you and reciprocate and soon he or she would say ‘Hi’. Then a new friend is made. It’s that simple”.


Join More Online Groups, Post Regular Ads And Have Even More Friends

To the ordinary social media user, joining online groups is inconveniencing. But to the entrepreneurs, it should be an opportunity to have a larger audience. It’s an opportunity to get your product or service across to more than 10,000 people. It’s important to constantly update the adverts. The more people, who get to see your adverts constantly, would want to know more about your product or service.


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