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Pro Brexit Leaders Break Their Promise

Boris Johnson A Frontrunner To Be The Next Prime Minister And A Leave Campaigner Wrote On The Daily Telegraph “British People Will Still Be Able To Go And Work In The European Union; To Live; To Study; To Buy Homes; To Settle Down"

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Leaders that voted for the United Kingdom to pull out of the European Union Brexit, are pulling back on a number of pledges especially over the extra money going into the healthcare. The official vote to leave campaign claimed that it cost the United Kingdom £350 million a week, which is the membership cost Britain gives the European Union. The slogan “Enough to build a brand new and fully staffed hospital every week” was painted on the side of the campaign’s red bus.

Politicians that support Brexit continued to make claims that the United Kingdom contributes £350 million to the European Union each week which was disprove by the UK Statistics Authority. Iain Duncan a leading pro Brexit politician told the BBC he did not say all the money will go to the NHS but that a significant amount will go into the health sector.

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The Independence Party leader Nigel Farage who was also in support of the Brexit movement said that it was a mistake saying that the money that is contributed to the European Union each week could be spent o health services. Around 50% of the money Britain gives the European Union is returned back to Britain via subsides for farmers, grants for research and funding infrastructure. Britain farmers and poor regions such as Cornwall were told by Brexiteers that they would not lose out financially once the funds are cut off. This commitment was also made to Universities and Scientists who are major beneficiaries of research grants from the European Union. County’s such as Cornwall which is in the South West of England voted in favour of Brexit are already seeking confirmation from the government that the County won’t be worse off as a result of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

Brexiteers attacked the government for failing to meet the target to cut net migration. Brexit campaigners said that the only solution to achieve migration numbers is for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Voters that supported Brexit said the reason for supporting Britain leaving the European Union is because they expect migration to the United Kingdom to fall.

Nigel Evans a law maker who was in support of Brexit told BBC radio that there had been some misunderstanding over the leave campaign’s position on reducing immigration. When asked, if the numbers will fall significantly, Evans responded that the new Australian style points system for European Union migrants into the United Kingdom will control immigration. Brexit negotiations have to keep its boarders open to European Union workers if Britain wants to trade with the rest of Europe, a view pointed by Daniel Hannan a leader that fully supported Brexit.

Boris Johnson a frontrunner to be the next prime minister and a leave campaigner wrote on the daily telegraph “British people will still be able to go and work in the European Union; to live; to study; to buy homes; to settle down”. The problem to what he wrote is the ability for Brits to move without restrictions and Europeans not able to do otherwise.

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